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Caramor - Your Texas Healthcare Network

Service Insurance is proud to offer the Caramor Texas Healthcare Network as the certified workers compensation network.

What is the Caramor Network?

Welcome to Caramor, a Leader in Workers Compensation Healthcare Network Services.

A workers compensation health care network is a group of health care providers that has been contracted to provide care to injured workers. The network consists of treating physicians, hospitals, specialty providers and other healthcare professionals.  The goal of this network is to ensure that appropriate treatment guidelines are applied while helping control medical costs and assist injured workers to return to active employment. We focus on contracting with the leading workers compensation providers to ensure that a claimant’s medical needs are managed appropriately to achieve the best outcomes, satisfaction, and continuity of care. 

Caramor recognizes that returning injured employees back to work requires intervention as quickly as possible as well as the use of medical treatment guidelines and a group of medical professionals that understand the complex world of workers compensation.